Programmable Peristaltic Pumps
9000 Series

√  Pump from a reservoir through replaceable continuous tubing.
√  Measured dispenses for production filling of bottles.
√  Fluid only comes into contact with the continuous tubing - not the pump.
√  Continuous Pumping. Up to 1000 mL/min (model NE-9004C).
√  Dispenses and Withdraws.
√  Calibration function to improve precision.
√  Slow Down and Anti-Drip modes improve control of dispensing.
√  Optionally operates from a foot switch or external sensor.
√  Fully programmable with Computer interface for more advanced applications.
√  One-click program upload from "Pumping Program Generator" spreadsheet.

Learn and Repeat™

Quickly teach the pump the volume of a bottle or container. Then immediately fill all your bottles or containers to the same volume.

Quick Change Pumping Heads

Reduce costs while increasing productivity by using one pump with multiple fluids. Quickly change between different fluids with extra pumping heads. Simply twist off one head and twist on a different head to change between fluids.

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• The 9000 Series peristaltic pumps are equipped to be used in many settings from the small home based business to the large factory floor. Applications range from continuous flow to measured dispenses. The pump can be integrated into existing production lines or simply used stand alone.
• The 9000 Series is fully programmable and can be operated manually or with a PC through an RS-232 communication port. PC cable and software offered as accessories.

Model Head
Rollers Tubing ID Minimum

• Dispense and withdrawal pumping
• Quick change pumping heads to quickly switch between fluids.
• Learn and Repeat™ mode to improve dispense productivity.
• Slow down mode to improve accuracy of dispenses
• Anti-Drip mode to stop oozing after dispenses
• Calibration mode to improve accuracy: Under 3% error.
• Power Failure Mode: Restarts the Pumping Program after a power interruption
• Programmable dispense volumes. Store and select from up to 40 Dispenses.
• Selectable volume units of mL or oz.
• Selectable pumping rate units of mL/min, mL/sec, oz/min, oz/sec, or dispense a volume over a set time.
• Programming mode for complex pumping applications and interaction with external devices.
• Foot Switch control available.
• RS-232 bi-directional control for complete control from a PC. Network up to 100 pumps and other devices.
• Digital logic control: TTL I/O with software filtered control inputs to eliminate glitches and ringing on the control inputs. Configurable TTL operational trigger for foot switches and other devices.
• Audible alarm.
• Easy-to-use keypad interface
• Non-volatile memory of all operating parameters and pumping program
• Space Saving Chassis: Foot print size of only 7 3/4" x 5 1/4"
• Two year warranty
• Includes all the advanced functions and programming features of the NE-1000 pump series
• Worldwide power supplies available
• Other tubing, supplies and accessories sold separately.

Model #: NE-9000B
High flow rates & large dispense volumes. NE-9000 with 2 roller pumping head & 3/16" ID tubing.
Flow rate ranges: 0.035 mL/min to 775.2 mL/min.
See details below.
List Price: $525.00

Model #: NE-9000G
Better precision with lower flow rates & small dispense volumes. NE-9000 with 4 roller pumping head & 1/16" ID tubing
Flow rate ranges: 0.004 mL/min to 75.19 mL/min.
See details below.
List Price: $600.00

Model #: NE-9004C
Higher flow rates & larger dispense volumes. NE-9000 with 2 roller pumping head & 1/4" ID tubing
Flow rate ranges: 0.047 mL/min to 1038 mL/min.
See details below.
List Price: $625.00

Purchase additional heads to quickly change between fluids, improving productivity. 3/16" ID and 1/16" ID tubing heads are interchangeable.

Replacement head for model: NE-9000B. Also compatible with NE-9000G
2 roller pumping head, 3/16"ID tubing. Maximum pumping rate: 775.2 mL/min
Kit includes:
Blue, 2 roller head, 4 ft. Tubing
Model Q-TP-IND1-3/16
Industrial Grade 3/16"ID x 5/16"OD x 1/16" Wall
Clamp ties: Nylon, quantity 4
Vial of lubricant
Price: $66.00

Replacement head for model: NE-9000G. Also compatible with NE-9000B
4 roller pumping head, 1/16"ID tubing. Maximum pumping rate: 75.19 mL/min
Kit includes:
Green, 4 roller head, 4 ft. Tubing
Model Q-TP-PMED-1/16
Pharmed 1/16"ID x 3/16"OD x 1/16" Wall
Clamp ties: Nylon, quantity 4
Reduction coupler, quantity 4
Vial of lubricant
Price: $126.00

Replacement head for model: NE-9004C
2 roller pumping head, 1/4"ID tubing. Maximum pumping rate: 1038 mL/min
Kit includes:
Clear, 2 roller head, 4 ft. Tubing
Model Q-TP-IND1-1/4
Industrial Grade 1/4"ID x 3/8"OD x 1/16" Wall
Clamp ties: Nylon, quantity 4
Vial of lubricant
Price: $126.00

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