NE-1000 One Channel
Programmable Syringe Pump

NE-1010 Higher Pressure Programmable Syringe Pump

Model: 1000-US / SyringeONE Price: $805 USD

$805.00, Plus Shipping
Not for clinical use on humans

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Special Application: Continuous Infusion (Push-Pull) and Dual Syringe Pump
Using 2 NE-1000 pumps attached with a cable, one pump will infuse while the other pump refills or have simultaneous infusion.

Features of the NE-1000 Series of Syringe Pumps:
  • Fully programmable; automation capable
  • Operates stand-alone or from a computer. Cables sold separately.
  • Infusion and withdrawal
  • Set a single pumping rate and/or dispensing volume
  • Program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, control and respond to external signals, sound the buzzer
  • Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer
  • Worldwide power supplies available
  • Motor stall detection
  • Dispensing accuracy of +/-1%
  • Unlimited lifetime technical support
  • Two year warranty

Model & Firmware Options:

Example Flow Rates for the NE-1000:

Syringe Size Maximum Rate Minimum Rate
0.5 µL 25.49 µL/hr 0.001 µL/hr
1 mL 52.86 mL/hr 0.727 µL/hr
3 mL 223.8 mL/hr 3.076 µL/hr
5 mL 372.5 mL/hr 5.119 µL/hr
10 mL 607.6 mL/hr 8.349 µL/hr
20 mL 966.2 mL/hr 13.28 µL/hr
30 mL 1260 mL/hr 17.32 µL/hr
60 mL 2120 mL/hr 29.1 µL/hr
140 mL 3470 mL/hr 47.7 µL/hr

High pressure notes:
The NE-1000 produces about 15 lbs of linear force at top speed and about 35 lbs at slow speeds. 10 mL/hr is an example of slow speed. The pressure that can be generated is relative to the syringe size. On a 60 mL syringe, this would roughly produce about 30 psi.

Model NE-1010 doubles the pumping force at equivalent speeds of the NE-1000, plus increases the maximum flow rate.

Model NE-8000 is a more rugged, even higher force, single syringe pump with a top force of 200 lbs.

NE-1010 Higher Pressure Syringe Pump

Model: 1010-US Price: $885 USD


  • All the features of the NE-1000
  • Can approximately double the pressure of the NE-1000
  • Download Brochure

Example Flow Rates for the NE-1010:

Syringe Size Maximum Rate Minimum Rate
0.5 µL 91.83 µL/hr 0.001 µL/hr
1 mL 190.4 mL/hr 1.453 µL/hr
3 mL 806.1 mL/hr 6.151 µL/hr
5 mL 1341 mL/hr 10.24 µL/hr
10 mL 2188 mL/hr 16.7 µL/hr
20 mL 3479 mL/hr 26.55 µL/hr
30 mL 4539 mL/hr 34.64 µL/hr
60 mL 7635 mL/hr 58.3 µL/hr
140 mL 208.3 mL/min 95.37 µL/hr

Firmware and Program Memory Upgrade Options:

  • Firmware Upgrades available to enable Linear Pumping, add additional programming functions, and to increase Pumping Program Memory
Model: FW-1-X Price: Add $130 USD to any NE-1000 series
Extra Features:
X upgrade adds Linear/Gradient flow rate ramping, and additional advanced programming functions. Download User Manual

Model: FW-1-X2 Price: Add $230 USD to any NE-1000 series
Extra Features:
X2 upgrade includes all features of the X model plus increases the number of programmable phases from 41 to 340.

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