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Syringe Heater Kit

Heater Kit is shown for demonstration purposes. Syringe pump and syringe are not included with Heater Kit.

Price: $399 USD



Thermo-Kinetic Heat Clamp for syringes that require temperature controlled dispensing. Heats up to 185°C.

Specification Notes:

  • Available in 2 versions:
    • 1LG Heating Pad: 3.5" x 3.0" LxW (9 cm x 7.5 cm)
    • 5SP Heating Pad: 20" x 0.625" LxW (50 cm x 1.5 cm)
  • Heater Kit includes control unit and primary syringe heater pad 1LG version or 5SP version.
  • Multiple syringe heater pads can be attached to the control unit, under restricted conditions.
  • Set point and other parameters retained in memory
  • Computer interface
  • Digitally sets the heater set point
  • Controller will heat the syringe and hold the set temperature using an on/off or Thermo-Kinetic control algorithm.
  • Dual temperature sensors in primary heating pad.
  • Alarm modes with multiple layers of protection to prevent temperature overrun.
  • Additonal heat protection for the pump may be needed when heating syringes above 100°C.
  • If you are in a country where the voltage is above 120V, you must purchase a step-down transformer (Model: PWR-220-110-E) along with the Heater Kit.
  • Detailed Description

Second Heating Pad

Price: $100 USD



Model Size Attaches a Second Heating Pad To:
HEATER-PAD2-1LG3.5" x 3.0" LxW (9 cm x 7.5 cm)HEATER-KIT-1LG
HEATER-PAD2-5SP20" x 0.625" LxW (50 cm x 1.5 cm)HEATER-KIT-5SP

Third and Additional Heating Pads

Price: $100 USD



Model Size Attaches a Third+ Heating Pad To:
HEATER-PAD3-1LG3.5" x 3.0" LxW (9 cm x 7.5 cm)HEATER-PAD2-1LG
HEATER-PAD3-5SP20" x 0.625" LxW (50 cm x 1.5 cm)HEATER-PAD2-5SP

Specification Notes:

  • Only use identical primary and secondary heater pads together.
  • Each syringe heater control unit uses only the primary heating pad to sense temperature. All secondary heater pads connected to that control unit function according to temperature at the primary heater pad.
  • Careful consideration should be taken when using secondary/slave heater pads.
  • For different temperatures or variable environments, use separate control units with primary heater pads.
  • Plugging more than 12 syringe heater pads onto one controller is not recommended.
  • Detailed Description

Ana-Box Closed Loop Analog Sensor Interface


Price: $175 USD

  • Vary the pumping rate in proportion to a variable voltage input
  • Start or stop pump at set voltages
  • Vary the pumping rate to maintain a voltage window
  • Attaches to any pump in the NE-1000 or NE-9000 Series
  • Click Here For A Detailed Description

Foot Switch


Price: $35 USD

  • Remote and/or hands free pump operation
  • Start, stop, or send a signal to a pumping program
  • 15 different configurations. Change configuration within a pumping program
  • 20 foot cable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Attaches to the TTL logic port on the pump
  • Attach to any pump in the NE-1000 or NE-9000 Series

Hand Pendant


Price: $60 USD

  • Hand held pendant for remote operation of pump
  • Functions identically to Foot Switch
  • 10 foot cable
  • Attach to any pump in the NE-1000 or NE-9000 Series

BNC Trigger Cable


Price: $75 USD

  • Cable to connect TTL Trigger input to a BNC output
  • Functions identically to Foot Switch
  • 6 foot cable
  • Attach to any pump in the NE-1000 or NE-9000 Series

Limit Switch

(For NE-1000 series syringe pumps. Specify model when ordering.)

Model: ADPT-LSW-01 (Infusion)

Price:  $65 USD

Model: ADPT-LSW-02 (Withdrawal)

Price:  $65 USD

Model: ADPT-LSW-03 (Both)

Price: $135 USD

  • Adds a limit switch to automate refill or dispense limits after a power on
  • Attaches to a guide rod. Fully adjustable
  • Cable attaches to the TTL logic port on the pump
  • Programmable operation within a pumping program

Extender Cable


Price: $45 USD

  • 100 foot extension cable for TTL logic port
  • Works with foot switch, hand pendant, BNC trigger cable

TTL Logic Port Splitter Cable

Model: CBL-TTL-Y

Price: $15 USD

  • Y-Connector splitter cable allows 2 devices to be attached to the same TTL logic port
  • Example: A Valve Control Box and a Foot Switch
  • Adds 11.5 inches to each cable
  • Additional splitter cables can be added to attach additional devices

Pump-to-PC RS-232 Primary Network Cable

Model: CBL-PC-PUMP-7 (7 ft. cable)

Price: $15 USD

Model: CBL-PC-PUMP-25 (25 ft. cable)

Price: $17 USD

  • Allows full control of pump or other device from a computer
  • DB-9 adapter connects to 9-pin serial port (25-pin adapters available upon request)
  • Attaches to the RS-232 communications port of pump or other device
  • Available in 7' or 25' length cable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Download FREE pump terminal emulator

RS-232 to USB Converter

Model: CBL-USB232

Price: $10 USD

  • Adds an RS-232 serial port to your computer by attaching to a USB port
  • Includes software driver CD
  • Attaches to RS-232 Primary Network Cable CBL-PC-PUMP-7

USB Converter and RS-232 Primary Cable

Model: CBL-USB-7-KIT

Price: $25 USD

Pump-to-Pump Secondary Network Cable

Model: CBL-NET-7 (7 ft. cable)

Price: $2 USD

Model: CBL-NET-25 (25 ft. cable)

Price: $4 USD

  • Allows networking of two or more pumps or other device to a single computer port
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Utilizes the RS-232 communications port of device
  • Available in 7' and 25' length cable
  • Requires first device to be connected with primary network cable

Pump Synchronization Cables

Model: CBL-DUAL-3

Price: $10 USD

  • Used for setting up a continuous infusion system, dual infusion system, or one of the many other advanced multi-pump automation modes.
  • Establishes a communications link between two pumps using the RS-232 serial ports on the pumps.
  • 3 1/2' cable
  • Download User Manual

Model: CBL-TTL-1

Price: $20 USD

  • Used for setting up basic modes of dual pump systems
  • Synchronize pumping direction of two pumps so that they change directions, start, and stop as one system
  • Utilizes the TTL logic port on pump
  • 7' cable

PC Communication with a Dual Pump System


Price: $55 USD

  • Enables PC communications with a Dual Pump system connected with cable CBL-DUAL-3
  • Kit includes cable CBL-DUAL-6, plus all other cables necessary to setup a Dual Pump system connected to a PC
  • See User Manual for a detailed description: Download User Manual

Model: CBL-DUAL-6

Price: $20 USD

  • Enables PC communications with a Dual Pump system connected with cable CBL-DUAL-3
  • Replaces cable CBL-NET-7 in cable CBL-PC-PUMP-7
  • Individual cable CBL-DUAL-6 only
  • 3 1/2' cable

Lockout Mode Disable Key


Price: $15 USD

  • For use with a syringe or peristaltic pump's Lockout Mode
  • Prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to the settings by locking the keypad
  • The Lockout Disable key unlocks the keypad and allows settings to be changed
  • Attaches to the TTL logic port on the syringe or peristaltic pump
  • Quick and easy setup

OEM Starter & Net Kits:

For NE-5XX OEM syringe pump models only


Price: $40 USD

Model: OEM-NET

Price: $15 USD

  • For networking an OEM syringe pump's communications through another pump
  • Use one additional OEM-NET for each additonal pump added to the network
  • Includes Power supply and secondary cable (CBL-NET-7) only.

Power Supply Daisy Chain Connector Extension Cable

Model: PWRSUB-EXT-10

Price: $25 USD

  • Power multiple pumps from a single power supply
  • Attaches to power supply DC cable
  • Adds power connectors for up to 10 pumps
  • 10" between connectors
  • Maximum 4A total load
  • Cable only

Single Valve Control Box


Price: $135 USD


Price: $110 USD

  • Attach your 12V DC valve and the control box will open or close your valve according to the pumping direction
  • Valve active direction selection switch
  • Utilizes the TTL logic port on pump
  • ADPT-VALVE-INTERFACE-1-US Includes power supply for valve

Dual Valve Control Box


Price: $140 USD


Price: $135 USD

  • Attach your two 12V DC valves and the control box will open or close your valves according to the pumping direction of each pump
  • Valve active direction selection switch
  • Utilizes the TTL logic port on each pump
  • Includes cable CBL-DUAL-3 for synchronized pumping between two pumps
  • ADPT-VALVE-INTERFACE-2-US Includes power supply for valves

Dual Pump Plumbing Kit

Model: P-DKIT

Price: $20.84 USD

  • For use with our continuous infusion system or dual infusion system
  • Provides dual check valves for two syringes, withdraw will pull fluid from a reservoir and infusion will output into a separate line
  • The kit is pre-assembled - just attach the syringes
  • Each dual check valve uses 6" of 1/8" ID tubing connected to a Y connector, one for reservoir and one for output; each Y-connector has 5' of tubing to make connections to your application. Two 50 mL NormJect® Syringes are included

Individual parts are also available.
See our full line of syringes and plumbing supplies.

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